2 forgetful!

Here’s another 2 sites that we have put under our Affiliates list!
Here and here!

yet another!

Yup yup, here’s another link! Sooo Fabulous they call it. The site is all about style and fashion tidbits about celebrities all around the world. Yes, they have many photographs and pictures of these celebs in the dresses and outfits you want to see them in. Check them out for the latest clothes celebrities are donning and who knows, you might even pick some of the clothes these celebs wear for your next shop collection.

Go on…give it a click! They are also on our link roll as well as Affiliate page!

we hate hiatuses…

We hate hiatuses. And we know, it was a long one since our last post. But boy, were the past few weeks crazy! Anyways…back from the commercial breaks…

We are glad to introduce another Affiliate of ours to you! The name is Danielle Universe. You can check out her link on the right of the blog and on the Affiliate page. She’s a really nice girl with all the passion for fashion. Her blog is all about fashion and her style as well as some of the latest trends.

Check out her blog for some inspiration as to what to make for your shops’ next collections. We promise it is worth a click!


Stumbled upon this site when I was surfing. It would be an achievement for us to be able to create such dresses on the large scale. You can read all about them here.

expanding with 1 link at a time.

Dreaming of beautifying your room? Or for the entrepreneurs out there, want to make your photo studios look interesting and lively? StickJoy is the answer for you! We found this site through a friend of ours and we thought we want to share them with you people out there! They sell really good wall stickers with really interesting designs. For those of you who are into wall papers and stuff, you would know that they don’t come cheap! The prices here are reasonable and the quality of the goods are really good! You can check out the sticker tests that they perform to demonstrate the quality of their stickers. If you are a really artistic individual and you want to custom make your set of wall stickers, you can actually drop them a mail and request for it. The people at the other end of StickJoy are really nice!

In fact, when we are done with our photo studio collaboration, we are going to stick up our studio. Stick around for the news!

P.S. In case you lose track of the posts, don’t worry! We have them on our Affiliates page and link roll.

the future of our past.

credits to caseorganic for the picture.

Yup, and we wonder what will they say to selling clothes online.

ring ring…

I thought this would be a nice video for you fashionistas to watch. I dare any of you to make what Lady Gaga wears in her music videos. haha!

shout out!

This is a shout out to existing and potential clients, as well as interested business entities. We are opening up our blogroll (under Affiliates) for tie-ups. If you are interested, drop us an email at info@stylogueonline.com, or just simply leave a comment on this post. We will link up with you and do the necessary additions! Don’t worry, no fees attached! 🙂

we’re all crazy about babies.

We have a few queries asking if we can do baby wear or maternity wear. Well…we do! And since we are on that topic. Enjoy this video with Evian’s baby commercial. How cute can they get?

end of a series.

Yup, as the title implies… we’ve come to the end to our first series of tips. We have a grand total of 10 tips for the new and budding business entities in the industry! Not much we know, but it’s a start! If you did find our tips useful, do not fret. This will not be the last series. Give us some feedback as to whether the tips are useful and what are the things that you people are looking out for, and we will do our very best to serve you by finding out for you.

We hope that the issues that we have discussed are really of help and we will be back with more advice and help to make you all tipsy.